Psychotherapy is hard work. It takes commitment, perseverance, and fortitude. But the effort, I have found, is well worth it. My practice is run in an open, straightforward way. See below for a basic description of the services I offer. 


Generally speaking, initial contact begins with a consultation—the opportunity to meet and discuss your reasons for seeking treatment. In some cases, the consultation phase may take more than one meeting, depending on the extent of the issues being addressed and any contact with other providers that may need to occur.

A consultation is complete when I am able to provide comprehensive feedback, including diagnosis (if applicable) and an explanation of how I understand the problems you are dealing with, including recommendations for how to solve them. Treatment recommendations may include beginning treatment with me, or referral to another provider or providers who may better address the needs that have been identified.  


I provide, at minimum, weekly individual psychotherapy in 45-minute sessions. Under special circumstances, sessions may be extended, and treatment recommendations may include a higher per-week frequency. I work primarily with adults and young-adults, but not with people younger than 18. I also do not work with couples or families for open-ended psychotherapy, though I may recommend a time-limited couples or family treatment if one is warranted to address a specific issue or set of issues. 

I make use of effective, relevant, and empirically supported techniques, but above all strive for directness and transparency in my work. Click here for a copy of my Patient Information and Consent for Services document. 


I have extensive experience providing clinical supervision, with specialization in the areas of personality pathology, psychosis, bipolar disorder, suicidality, high-risk behavior, and history of treatment failure. My focus as a supervisor is on the development of skills with regard to diagnosis, case conceptualization, and specific intervention techniques.


My services are considered out-of-network because I do not participate on any insurance panel in my private practice. Fees will be discussed over the phone prior to meeting for a consultation, and further discussed during the consultation phase. As a registered national healthcare provider, fully licensed in New York State, I can provide you with a monthly or per-session statement that you submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement by your insurance company is separate from the fees paid directly to me.